Friday, January 30, 2009

I did it!

OK...I know it's been waaay too long since I last posted but...Well, I have no excuse! Anyways...I did get my pantry cleaned up, organized and inventoried! Here it is...

I apologize for the terrible picture...but I am too lazy to go back and rotate my picture (Hey! At least I am honest!) I promise you it is very stocked, organized, and even a little clean!

I know some may know that I have been inspired to make some changes in my life and the life of my family by the awesome blog I found called Money Saving Mom

If you haven't checked it out MUST! I have started coupon clipping and bargain shopping and so far have saved $150 for my two "girl's trips" coming up this spring!! Yippee! Did I mention I have only been on this FRUGAL journey for TWO weeks! I am rather proud of myself I must say! I am looking forward to being able to save even more in the next few weeks. Actually, I am starting to get a sort of "high" from going to Kroger and finding deals! Did you know you can get stuff for FREE if you clip coupons.

By the way...I am attaching a picture of my three little lovlies. Totally unrelated to this post...Just thought it was cute!!!

Oh....and happy birthday to my sweet hubby!


Anonymous said...

I used to have a pantry like yours.

My husband took out all the shelves, and then replaced them with the same style, but deeper by about 2 inches (they came right to the inside door frame). I left room on the floor to slide buckets of food in and out, and then he installed the shleves closer together, so that we could fit 7 shelves in.

We used 2 of the original shelves for the top two shelves, high up.

It gets rid of all the wasted space and allows you to fill them all up!

I had a coat closet on the other side of the pantry. We live in a warm climate with a short winter. I moved the coats to the bedrooms and did the same kind of shelves in the coat closet, giving me a double pantry!

You have a lot of room in there! Have fun filling it up!

Anonymous said...

Oh, here's what my current pantry looks like:

Nichole said...

Wow! I need to hire you to come organize mine!! I see you got your background on your blog. It looks great! See you at Kroger!! Ha Ha! :)

Megan said...

Cute Family!!!!