Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am feeling very inspired to be frugal and get back to meal planning today. Why, you ask? I just purchased the $5 Dinner Mom cookbook and she really has me excited to get back to where I was at with my budget last year at this time. My plan today is to do an inventory of what I have going on in my freezers and pantry and actually sit down and make up a dinner plan for the next week. Crazy I know! It's taken about 6 months for me to actually come to the realization that it really saves me money, time and a lot of frustration! I am also making envelopes for my cash today so I can get back to being on a tighter budget. I am excited to get back to my life as it should be...Check in with me soon to see where I am at with it all! If you are interested in the $5 Dinner Mom you can find her at her blog here