Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm out of CONTROL!

Alright...I will admit it! I may be slightly out of control with this BLOG thing.
I found the most amazing blog yesterday called Money Saving Mom. If I had a clue how to do it I would add a link into this message for you to check it out. But since I am clueless I will simply tell you to look over there at my Blog list and check out this awesome blog.
I have literally been racking my brain as of late on how to help earn some extra money for our household. There are really no extra hours at my place of employment right now. Plus at less than $8/hr how much can I really make?
Well, as I was feeding my blog addiction yesterday I ran into this blog. It really was like a light bulb going on for me. OK...maybe I can make extra money for our household by saving on the household expenses! I don't have to bring more money in necessarily just prevent some of it from going out.
So I have made a commitment to challenge myself to try out this method of saving money. I am going to cut back by $50 THIS week. Try it out and then cut back some more. The only trick to this for me is going to be getting organized. Anyone who knows me knows this may be a little tricky! So, today to start out I am going to organize my pantry so I can figure out what the heck we already have in there! I don't know how many times I have made a purchase at the grocery store only to find out when I stuffed it into the pantry or freezer that I already had at least one (perhaps more) in there! This alone could save me quite a bit right? Well, my dear husband is giddy with excitement about the possiblity of this working for us! I just hope I can live up to his expectations!!! Ha ha.....
I can't believe I am putting myself up to the shame and humiliation of this but I am attaching a photo of the DISASTER we call a pantry. Hoping that this will motivate me to get my butt in gear. I promise by the end of the week (at least by then) that I will have a brand new highly efficient money saving pantry and a plan!! I will have a photo for the whole world to see this brand new me! Money Saving Mommy in training.
So here it dirty little secret...
I PROMISE to be better!!


Courtney said...

Oh my gosh...I am cracking up because literally, not 5 minutes ago, I shoved a couple of things into my pantry thinking, "That looks so unorganized, and if anyone saw it, they would think so, too....but oh one's gonna see it!" ha! And now I see yours! are addicted...maybe you need to look into some sort of intervention...


Nichole said...

Ooh! I like that blog! If you like that one, you make like 2 others that I frequent: and Love them both!

N. said...

Hi .. I just ran across your blog today. I am a "blogaholic" and cruise through blogs in my spare time (which isn't much).

I just wanted to encourage you on cleaning out your pantry. I cleaned out my fridge and two freezers last week and found 8 FULL MEALS in there! I inventoried what I found and organized it so I can plan to use all that's there in the next few weeks, or during "cheap weeks".

I have made a commitment to try to cut our grocery budget (for 6) down from $125 per week to $75 per week. To me, it's fun.

Have a great day .. and "happy organizing" !!

The Keevy Family said...

I started my new frugal lifestyle after I found Money Saving Mom in September. I still cannot remember how I stumbled upon it, but I am so glad I did!