Friday, January 9, 2009

It's the little things.

As I was watching my most favorite show Grey's Anatomy last night (and OH BOY was it a good one!) an Allstate commercial came on that really caught my attention. Maybe you know the one I am talking about? The one with the actor that used to be on 24. The one with the awesome deep voice that kind of sounds like butter. That is if butter had a sound anyways...I liked it so much that the second time it came on I ran for a pen to write it down. By the time I found the pen I didn't get much written but a few things did get down on the Hello Kitty paper I found. It talks about the great depression times and how people were really scared about what was happening and relates it to what is going on in our world right now. Then it goes on to say, "But after the fear subsides people start enjoying the small things. Those are the things that are important. People get back to basics and the basics are GOOD!" Wow...SOOOO true! So this morning I woke up with the "little things" on my mind. Here are a few of my little things that make me so in love with my life.
1. A precious note on my fridge dated November 3rd (it has been posted there since that date) from my sweet boy, scrawled in the most beautiful 1st grade penmanship (is that all one word???), "I LOVE YOU MOMMY!" With the most beautiful colored portrait of me at the bottom. Evertime I open the fridge I get to look at it. Ahhh, what a precious "little thing" to mommy.
2. Cudding on the loveseat with my girls this morning. Each of us as close as possible with our blankies wrapped around us watching PBS. Ahh...a wonderful "little" way to start my morning.
3. Drinking my hot cup of coffee out of the pot of coffee that my SWEET loving husband has been making for me before he leaves for work...EVERY DAY this week I might add. Ahhh...what a thoughtful "Little thing" for him to do.
Today is going to be a GREAT little day. And oh how I LOVE my "Basic" little life.


Nichole said...

I saw that commercial 2 nights ago and LOVED it too! It certainly puts things in perspective! I even told Michael he needed to rewind and check it out!

aklopfen said...

It is a great day!

Courtney said...

I haven't seen that particular one yet, but I know who you're talking about. Great description...butter. :)

It's nice to enjoy the simple things...we all need to do that more often.