Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm baaack...

I have been out of say the least. BUT, I am definitely back. As of now we have internet access again after FIVE it only felt like five years...I mean, 3 weeks (?) of no online access. Ugghhh...miserable three weeks. So much has happened. I went to Florida. Unfortunately I have no pictures but it was probably one of the most awesome weekends ever. Girlfriends, sleeping in, sun, beach, what more could you ask for? I had time to think and contemplate where my life is at and now I am ready to get back into it. I am ready to make some slight changes in my life and refocus my priorities on my family and my marriage. I feel good. Nevermind that it has been raining and pretty miserable here in Indy for the last two days...Nothing can dampen my optimism right now. I wish I had a pretty picture of my toes (or something) on the beach but I don' can go to my buddies blog HERE and look at her pretty toes and pretend they are mine though. I forgot to paint my nails so they weren't nearly as cute but you get the jist right? Thanks to my girlfriends for making this a FABULOUS weekend for me and thanks to my sweet hubby who supported me in going and spent ONLY one evening at the pediatric ER while I was gone. Hey! One trip...three kids...NOT BAD!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gotta love FREE stuff!

I will be honest with you, I try to stay away from Target. I don't WANT to stay away from Target...just the opposite, I LOVE Target....That's my problem. It just doesn't matter how good the deal or the coupon is...I just know if I go in there it's really hard for me to get out without shopping for more or feeling bad because I can't HAVE MORE! So the result is I just tend to stay away from Target when I hear about a good deal. If I go in for a deal and I get tempted to spend more money (on clothes for the kids for example or myself) that I really didn't need to spend...then it really defeats the purpose right? But...I just couldn't resist the great deal this week. Did you see the $1 off coupon for Vitamin water in the paper this past week? It's in the SS insert. It turns out that this vitamin water is on sale at Target this week for...ONE DOLLAR! Yep, that makes it free. So I thought these would be great to purchase (or get for FREE) for lunches for the kids right? I have never tasted them before and never even given them a single thought but for free...I'm open to it. So...I set out for Target yesterday. Determined to go in for ONLY the Vitamin water and Pledge mulit purpose cleaner....

AND I DID IT!!! I came out only with what I went in for. And the best thing...I came out feeling pretty good. Not depressed because I wanted to buy the cute sweater on sale for $12.99 and didn't have money for or the adorable little clip clop shoes for my girls. It was a successful trip. I walked out having spent only $1.86 and got all of this... Can you believe it!? I had two coupons for the plege (a Mfg Q and a Target Q) so I only paid 89 cents for it!!! I use this stuff a lot and just ran out this past week. WOO HOO! I have 11 bottles of vitamin water and all I had to pay was the tax. Not a bad day at Target!

Monday, April 6, 2009

A couple of free days three little blessings are off to chicago for Spring break with their grandparent's. So...that leaves mommy home alone to get all sorts of cleaning, organizing, etc done right?
Well, I guess the pressure is on!
Perhaps I should at least go take a shower as it's already 10:30 right????? Hmmm...
Well, I do plan on getting the girls' clothes situation cleared up at least. You know...sorting throught the mess of old clothes that don't fit, are the wrong season, etc. Clothes that are the right size but wrong season. Clothes that are the right size and right season but are still in the box that they came in when they were donated! Ugghhh....May need a week to clear this mess up. What a mess...I wish I had this many clothes!
I can do this!