Monday, February 2, 2009

Make Due Mondays

Welcome to my first Make Due Monday post!

Thanks to my friend Ann at her blog Ann Kroeker for the idea of doing a Make Due Monday!

This is how I am "Making Due" this Monday!

Recently I have set out on a mission to become a frugal mom. So far I have done pretty good. I have started clipping coupons, menu planning, and watching the sales at local stores. I have actually really enjoyed it and get quite a rush when I pay next to nothing for something...Like toilet paper! Ya gotta love a free four pack of TP right?! What a rush!
Well today I think I have really crossed over the frugal line! I am having a cooking day! I did it... I sent my hubby out for bags of dried beans this weekend and I am cooking and freezing beans to store for future use. Did you know you can get a 1 lb bag of dried beans for about a buck!! There about 3-4 cans of beans in that little bag! That's cheap! So I guess you could say we are going to be living on a beans and rice budget! Now the trick to this is that you gotta love beans...Luckily we do!
Ah...beans, beans, they're good for your heart!


Frugal Homemaker said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I'm glad I got to find yours. I love the idea of "Make Due Mondays".

Wish my family liked beans. I've only used chili beans and pork 'n beans from a can. Can those even be done from dried beans?

Ann said...

I'm trying to use more coupons, too, and I have a bag of beans sitting in my cabinet, waiting to be soaked and cooked. They're really good for you and my hub is needing to bring down his cholesterol--they're healthy for everyone, but especially good for cholesterol control.

Anonymous said...

Yes for your recent change to frugal living, it really is great. And yes what a rush to get things for free, trust me it doesn't get old!