Thursday, March 5, 2009

My new way of thinking!

It's amazing how much my "way of thinking" has changed in the past two months! Has it only been two months? I was really made aware of it today as I walked out of Kroger. Let me explain...
Unfortunately I wasn't able to do my usual coupon clipping/sorting/organizing this week so I feel a little behind with that. But, the bright spot was that it's ok because I am planning on only buying the basics this week (you know...milk, fresh fruit.) YEAH for stockpiling, menu planning and shopping the sales. I have so much right now that I don't need anything really.
Well, tonight is our Blue and Gold (Cub Scouts) Banquet and we are responsible for bringing a dessert and a salad. That shouldn't cost too much right? Well, I was wrong. It was the first time I went into Kroger for two months without a coupon to use for what I needed and without a sure and exact plan. And guess what? It just felt..."wrong."
I ended up spending $35.41!! Yes, I know it to the exact penny. I never would have remember that previous to the start of my frugal journey. I would have spent that money and not really even thought twice about it! So as I watched the numbers going up I started feeling sick~! Thirty five dollars????!!
This was just a great reminder of how important what I am doing is for my family, for our budget, for our life style. Also a good reminder that I need to stockpile on some cake mixes!! But, this was also a good reminder to myself that I am really doing a great job with our budget lately! I really am. So I didn't save like I would have liked to this week...that's ok because in the past I would have had to spend the rest of my budget on groceries so we could eat this week. Did I mention I did find some good managers mark downs? Found some verde enchilada sauce marked down because the cans were bent! You gotta love that. I guess we will be eating enchiladas and some of those awesome BLACK BEANS I cooked up from scratch and put in the freezer a few weeks ago!
I guess the whole point of my writing today is to's ok if you have a week where you have to buy some things that you aren't getting for a "steal!" Especially when you have done so well the whole month before. It all adds up!
Have I mentioned how much money I have saved since mid January?
Drum roll please....
I saved $420 in CASH in an envelope
and I paid $452 on a credit card in FEBRUARY!
Can I hear a whoot whoot!
Not to mention all of the savings on coupons and sales and the fact that my fridge and freezer are stocked FULL of food!
I love my new "way of thinking!"


Courtney and the Boys said...

Oh, KNOW you can count on me for a whopping


You go, girlfriend. I did the same thing on Tuesday...had to go to Kroger to pick up some things without a "plan" of attack with coupons and sales, and I ended up spending 30 dollars. YIKES! But, I did get some baby wipes on that manager's special table for 50% off because the box was bent and some Garbanzo beans because of bent cans. Score.

Mari said...

I am so impressed! Way to go!

The Keevy Family said...

AMEN Sister! Way to go!

I love my new way of thinking too, it makes me so thankful for all of the wonderful people I have connected with online who have saved us hundreds of dollars since August when I started. Not only is it like making money, but it is also tax free.
Whatever it is you do each week, clipping or organizing coupons, reading blogs to learn more, shopping the deals as you can, it's worth every minute!! And then when those times come that you just can't make it work--it's ok!

Way to Go!!!


Ann said...

I LOVE the manager's special's at Kroger! We've gotten so many great deals and stockpiled. We're making an awesome healthy soup (I'm posting about it on Food on Fridays) with canned pumpkin (when I'm not using it to make pumpkin muffins, of course).

Good lessons to share--great inspiration!

Be sure to try my Absurdly Easy Chocolate cake sometime. The ingredients are so super-simple and you end up with a lovely chocolate cake/cupcakes. In case of emergency...