Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just one of those weeks!

You know what I am talking about right? Have you ever had "just one of those weeks!" Sometimes it's just one of those days. But this week for's been "just one of those weeks!" You know the week I am talking about. The one where you feel like you are chasing your tail. The one where you just can't get ahead. The one where you clean the kitchen and you have a total of TWO milk spills in one meal. You know the one right? It's been one of those weeks for me! Just a little story to summarize what I mean. I finally had the chance in between services this week to clean out my bible. Yes, I said clean out my bible! Included in it were about 3 months of weekly bulletins, notes and agenda from last month's MOPS, meeting, MOPS budget, paper hand outs from Wednesday night class...etc. Every time I open the bible they spill out and I promptly pick them up and stuff them back in. Well, this time I am going to look at the mess and throw them out. I proceed to hand my husband an arm's full of papers to throw out which he lovingly does for me! Great!! Something accomplished. The class goes well, we leave and get all kids buckled into the car and start to driving!! My sweet boy who is learning to read starts reading something for me. How intellegent I think to myself. I look in the rear view mirror and ask my boy what he's reading (it's the words of Jesus from the bible class on Wedneday nights isn't it?) SURE ENOUGH! My little garbage picker decided to take all of that previously mentioned garbage out of the can and take along with him!! I yell, "WHY?? Why did you take that garbage out of the can???" He has no idea Daddy was the one who put it there and says "I want to draw on it. Plus, did you know mom that my name is all over one of these papers?!" Yep, I know! Ugghhhhh...It's just one of those weeks in summary!


The Keevy Family said...

Tracy, I have been doing really well lately....but I am never too far from "one of those weeks." I am not sure if it's motherhood, losing more brain cells with each child, or just trying to juggle it all. I hear ya. I hope your week is more on the upswing!
I left a follow up comment to your question on my Meal Planning Monday.

The Keevy Family said...

Tracy, I am posting the whole recipe tomorrow morning, so check back.
But for the coating it's basically an egg and crushed cornflakes. Dip the skinned chicken in the egg and then shake in a bag with the cornflakes. Bake at 400 F.

Anonymous said...

I've learned to just LOVE those weeks - if nothing else, it gives my husband and I to laugh about the next week. ;)