Monday, August 17, 2009

So Proud

Just thought I would do a little post about my sweet husband. The kids and I have had an awesome summer this year cheering him on at several Triathalons that he has competed in. It has been amazing for me to be there with our kids rooting for him. Don't get me wrong...It's not always easy getting there. We are talking about waking our three kids up too early (normally I would NEVER wake my kids!), feeding them on the go (because we are up so early there is just no time to eat after getting them all going), driving to some unknown location, oh did I mention standing in monsoon like weather, trying to keep them entertained in between the times my husband is transitioning from one phase of the race to the next...etc.
But, in spite of all of the hassle to get there, as soon as we see him coming across the finish line and the kids go running up to him screaming his name and hugging his VERY sweaty leg...all of the bad stuff washes away.
I am so proud of my husband and thought I would share some pictures of his final race. His persistance, courage, and athletic ability amaze me. I am so proud to be his wife!

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Julie said...

Way to go, Chris!!