Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nature Boy

Thought I would post some pictures of my little nature boy in Washington State. My husband did a fantastic job of capturing shots of Joshua is all his boy glory. It was great for me to see these pictures and get a taste of how it was for him since I wasn't there. I received a phone call this day from Joshua who told me he was planning on bringing his garter snake home on the plane. Luckily the airlines wouldn't let that happen!
Beautiful scenery.
My little explorer
Big nature boy and little nature boy. They had a blast spending this time together. I missed them terribly but am so glad they could experience this together.
Little boy...BIG CLAM!!!


Mari said...

What a great experience for them! Glad that snake is staying there though!

Julie said...

Great Pics!! Wow! Chris captured some great memories!!! I am glad he had a wonderful time. This is a time that he will definately remember.


Nichole said...

Those are incredible pictures! I have to say that there is just something about boys and snakes. . . ugh!

The Keevy Family said...

Lovely pics from my home state! :) I've got the same picture with my little girl at the top of the Space Needle.
Thanks for sharing!

Sharon said...

Awesome! We both have Nature Boys! Aren't they the best?

So glad that we have the same goofy sense of humor (or that I don't gross you out TOO much!). Your comments always make me smile!